Sardinia Used To Be Called Ichnusa

And, actually, local Italians call their home Sardegna. But, in 1500 BC the Greeks named it Ichnusa.

Malaria? Yikes!

Up until about 1946, the entire island was plagued with malaria! After that, the entire island was sprayed with chemicals so the malaria could be abolished in the region.


Yep, there are more than 200 beaches in Sardinia!

Arachnophobics Need Not Apply!

If you have a fear of spiders (arachnophobia) you might go somewhere else.  Sardinia is home to over 50 unique species of spiders!

Big Three

Sardinia Is The Third-Largest Region In Italy – Many people think of Sardinia as one of the biggest islands in Italy. However, it is also the third-largest region out of all the twenty in Italy. The region comes after Sicily and Piedmont.

Toll Roads? NOT!

Yes, if you love driving, you will absolutely love visiting Sardinia. That is because all the roads are free, as there are no tolls. Besides that, there is also no highway that you will find on this island.

Grow Old Like a Boss!

The life expectancy in Sardinia is 81 years, and it also has the highest rate of centenarians worldwide.

White Party Guests

There is an island, Asinara, in Sardinia, which is home to white albino donkeys.


Su Gorropu is one of the deepest canyons in all of Europe, and you will find it in Sardinia.

Call me Bond, James Bond

The location for The Spy Who Loved Me was Sardinia.