Most companies and countries neglect their most valuable asset for marketing – THE ITALIAN PEOPLE!  Marketing managers get tunnel vision with social media and wrongly strategize that pretty pictures of pretty places should be the cornerstone of their marketing platforms – WRONG!  Sure, people like to say they have been to the Vatican or the Eiffel tower but, their lifelong memories are based on some random human connection with a local person.  The local cafe or policeman or flowershop….Italians are the strongest asset for a long term marketing investment to attract Americans for tourism, for investment and for retirement.

How many millionaires in the U.S.? According to the Global Wealth Report conducted by Credit Suisse, as of the end of 2020 there were 21,951,000 U.S. millionaires. This number is expected to rise by 28% to 28,055,000 by 2025.

North Star Multimedia can help you target the top 10% of wealthy households and engage them to consider Sardegna for their tourism, real estate investments (not the silly free houses campaign – Custom homes respectful of the Italian traditions), potential job creation and obvious benefits of retiring.

For Sardegna to grow their younger enterprising population, many Americans would embrace the opportunity to bring needed technologies and skillsets to a young professional demographic in Sardegna.

Understanding net worth in the United States is about more than just doing the math of assets minus debts. It involves looking at wealth and income from a variety of lenses, including age, education, race, ethnicity, homeownership, family size, and more, across states and regions.

The Federal Reserve has been collecting data on net worth and all its components since 1989 through the Survey of Consumer Finance (SCF). Occurring every three years, this project gives a snapshot of the state of wealth in the U.S. so we can assess economic well-being and thorny issues of income inequality, including trends over time. The most recent version of the SCF is from 2019.

  • Median net worth in the United States is $121,700, up 17.6 % from 2016
  • Average net worth is $748,800, up a more modest 2% from 2016
  • Black and Hispanic families had strong gains in median net worth between 2016 and 2019, 30% and 64% respectively, though the typical white family still has three to seven times the net worth
  • Four-year college degree holders have a median net worth more than four times that of someone with only a high school diploma
  • The top ten percent of households own 76% of all wealth in the U.S., while the bottom 50% of households own just 1% of all wealth